Color Trends 2014

Colour trends for 2014 #e4a654

Colour trends for 2014 #50595c

Colour trends for 2014 #428bca

Colour trends for 2014 #952715

Colour trends for 2014 #6da79b

Colour trends for 2014 #443d47

It seems the days of the “attention whore” colours with it’s big, bright and bold palette have passed and it could be because users of today don’t want to be shouted by brands: they want a conversation. Brands are trying to generate an empathetic feeling of being a part of something.

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Webydo – Getting Started with E-Commerce


Building an online store may seem like a complicated task but with Webydo, the reality is quite the opposite. Together with shopping cart widget Ecwid, Webydo has your every e-commerce need covered, and you can be up and running in five minutes, leaving you with more time to focus on producing stock and marketing your new business than spending hours upon hours writing or modifying code.

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