Color Trends 2014

Colour trends for 2014 #e4a654

Colour trends for 2014 #50595c

Colour trends for 2014 #428bca

Colour trends for 2014 #952715

Colour trends for 2014 #6da79b

Colour trends for 2014 #443d47

It seems the days of the “attention whore” colours with it’s big, bright and bold palette have passed and it could be because users of today don’t want to be shouted by brands: they want a conversation. Brands are trying to generate an empathetic feeling of being a part of something.

<<The flat colour theme has been a very prominent digital trend recently, after the release of IOS7 it seems colour swatches are only getting bolder and brighter. Personally I am a huge admirer of flat colour and illustrations, however I feel it is being slightly overused and could soon become tedious if most websites adopt this style. >> Emma Corkill at Ultra Violet Design


13ec1ecf966707d78a754fb464dd7dab adec2225c3f4a1738c50845836d233ea

Work by Simon Eramo.


Captura de pantalla 2014-05-08 a la(s) 23.04.56




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